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(Interview With Dj Ashba Taken From Black Velvet 39 - Feb 2004)

By Shari Black Velvet

There's a new band about to take the world by storm. Located in LA, they are everything you expect future superstars to be. They're loud, proud, glamorous, exciting and God damn super-fuckin'-talented too. It's been a while since a new band has really, really caught our eye and made us dribble with eager anticipation, but Ashba have done just that. Watch out for them - they're gonna come and rip your hair and heart out!
Let's meet the man with the vision who concocted and created the band. Drumroll please… Mister Dj Ashba!






Black Velvet: Who are you and what are your talents and weaknesses?
Dj Ashba: Dj Ashba. I'm a singer/song writer/lead guitarist/entertainer... Weakness... junk food.

BV: How old were you when you first decided you wanted to be in a band?
Dj: I started playing music at three. I was in my first touring band at 13.

BV: How hard was it to find the members of your band?
Dj: Very hard. I wanted to create a monster band with no weak links and that's just what I did.

BV: What were you looking for in prospective bandmembers?
Dj: Dedication, talent, determination, three others like a family who were willing to work hard as fuck with me to get us all to the same goal, and that's to put out one great album after another.

BV: Can you describe each bandmember?
Dj: I first got a drummer from Texas. His name is Bones Elias, fuckin' one of the best drummers out there. Then John Younger who also came from Texas on bass guitar; he just knows how to lock in the shit with Bones. Last was rhythm guitarist Michael Thomas. When he plugged in it was magic. I knew I finally found the last piece to the puzzle.

BV: A lot of people discovered you when you were a member of Beautiful Creatures. What do you remember most from that period of your life?
Dj: God, you work your whole life for that. I was able to experience things others only dream about. I do remember always thinking 'everyone was wrong, dreams do come true'.

BV: What were the highs and lows of your time in Beautiful Creatures?
Dj: Signing a deal with Warner Brothers... touring with Kiss and Ozzfest... Lows... losing the deal.

BV: What's been your most rock n' roll moment to date?
Dj: Ozzfest.

BV: What plans do you have for Ashba?
Dj: My only goal for Ashba is to put out the most amazing debut album that I possibly can. I wrote all the music for Beautiful Creatures... and that I'm very proud of, but I can honestly say that this is my best work by far... so check it out.

BV: How was your show at the Whisky the other night?
Dj: It was great. It was more of a private show that we did for our management company, 10th Street.

BV: What's an Ashba live show like?
Dj: Outta-fuckin'-control.

BV: How did you get to be on the X-Box Outlaw volleyball game and soundtrack 'Spike Or Die'?
Dj: Producer Nile Rogers got a hold of a demo I did in Chrome Bone Studios and contacted me. It was that simple. Nile Rogers fuckin' rocks!

BV: Who played on the tracks 'Feel This' and 'Who I Am'?
Dj: Me, myself and I. But my band will be playing all their parts for the album.

BV: What else can you tell us about those two tracks?
Dj: 'Feel This' is just a California feeling, how great it feels to be alive, whereas 'Who I Am' is about being proud of yourself and what God gave ya.

BV: How do they make you feel?
Dj: They inspire me.

BV: When can we expect a full-length album?
Dj: We are in pre-production as we speak with an amazing producer, so it won't be too much longer. Ashba... check it out!!!

Visit www.ashbaland.com for more info.





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