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The Best Band In The World

Interview with Josh Taken From Black Velvet 44 - May 2005)

By Dave Cook

"The award was for best band in the world. It means that we are the best band in the world officially. We achieved that by, well you know. Being the best band in the world. Officially."
This is Josh of four-piece punk band FEABLE WEINER who scooped the Nashville Music Scene Award in September last year, hailing them as the best band in the world. No surprise considering the lengthy tour schedules the band endure, not to mention bringing out a brilliant album in the form of 'Dear Hot Chick'.






The origin of these "huge fucking rock stars" (as described by Josh) started in Tennessee: "At first it was just me and Atom on acoustic guitars playing coffee shops and things like that but everyone liked Feable Weiner so much that we decided to start a killer rock and roll band".
The band's popularity skyrocketed and like so many bands today, the internet has played an integral part of their success with their Pure Volume band page receiving a massive amount of play time, with users eager for a slice of the Weiner. "I think that any resource such as Pure Volume, Myspace or whatever it is.com are important tools that shouldn't be overlooked. With the interweb system thingamajigy, all bands have the opportunity to put themselves in front of millions of people, so I think it's one of the most important tools if not the most important."
With thousands of plays online added to the great success of the 'Dear Hot Chick' album, the band's overseas tours seemed inevitable. They have also been highly successful: "Like anywhere it's not easy to tour all the time and try to spread our amazingly awesome music to the people, but the reception that Europe has given us has been great."

The band's touring schedule has led them to befriending a lot of other big names in the punk scene including The All-American Rejects and Bowling For Soup. The sense of unity that comes with touring for so long can really bring bands together: "We have been touring for quite a few years now and we couldn't have made this far if we weren't all best friends. We know each other extremely well, and many of the songs that Atom and I write have to do with our experiences on tour and just being a bunch of corny dudes in general."

Not only did the Rejects tour with Feable Weiner, they even appeared in the video for their first single from their new LP, 'San Deem Us Ready'. "The All-American Rejects are on Doghouse Records, the same label that we are on, so we met those guys a few years back when we first started working with Doghouse. We've been really good friends ever since. Shit, we taught those dudes how to cut their hair, play their instruments, and practically wrote all their songs for them. Well… not really, but I think they are trying to copy our haircuts".

Finally, the band have a clear mission statement in that they do what they do for the music and for themselves. There has always been an element of comedy to the band: their videos, their music and even the dialogue on their website offers an odd laugh or two. But most importantly, it's about the fans: "It's the reason we are who we are. It's the reason we spend every second of our lives working as hard as we can to have as much fun as we can. We just want to let people know that rock and roll can still be fun. It's not all about cutting your wrists, wearing make-up, and making 20 year old dudes cry. If you don't feel like having fun and shaking your bootie then fuck off. Go listen to the 80 million other bands that sing about how 'tough' life is and how 'hard it is to be happy'. But personally we just wanna sex it up and have good time".

Check Feable Weiner's official website at www.feableweiner.com.


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