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Fronting a band is not an easy task - but Lzzy Hale took to it like a fish to water when she was an early teen. The female vocalist has been writing and performing with her brother Arejay since the late 90s, eventually signing to Atlantic Records in 2005. Now with the release of second full-length studio album, 'The Strange Case Of.', Ms. Hale (or should that be Mz. Hyde) and her band have upped the ante with a body of work that is both loud and in-your-face and heart-meltingly beautiful. In fact, Lzzy herself is really coming into her own and could easily become the next female role model to look up to. Backed by Arejay plus bassist Josh Smith and Joe Hottinger, Halestorm are a versatile band that posses a mass of talent as well as great songs, plus warm, friendly personas.





You can read the full interview in issue 72 of Black Velvet, which Halestorm graced the cover of.



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