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Interviews with The Used, Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper's Band), Phil Collen/Man Raze, Hardcore Superstar, Spinnerette (Brody Dalle), Saving Aimee, Propagandhi, After Midnight Project & V For Volume.

Concert reviews of Lostprophets, The Used, Steel Panther, New Found Glory/Kids In Glass Houses/International Superheroes Of Hardcore, Spinnerette, Taking Back Sunday, Buckcherry, Saving Aimee and Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

Album, single & demo reviews of Not Advised, Johnny Lima, Spinnerette, Four Year Strong, Orange, Pound, The Used, New Generation Superstars, Research Turtles, Funeral For A Friend, All Time Low, Bullets And Octane, Steel Panther, Bowling For Soup, Buckcherry, AFI, Flyleaf, Motley Crue, Carolina Liar and heaps more.
'Me, Me, Me & My Rock CV' - If you have a job in the music industry you get to tell us what you do and why you do it. This issue features Pulin Modi of Peta2.
All the usuals such as Fanzine Reviews, Book Reviews, DVD reviews, Supersonic Future Superstars (featuring Full Scream Ahead, Sparks The Rescue and Forgotten Roots).









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