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Interviews with AFI, Flyleaf, Kill Hannah, The Rocket Summer, Switchfoot, Taking Dawn, Anarbor, The Friday Night Boys, The Swellers, Rio & Theory Of A Deadman. 

A 2 page Bon Jovi O2 Residency Tour Report/Round-Up

Lots of concert reviews including AFI, Flyleaf, Theory Of A Deadman, The Friday Night Boys/There For Tomorrow, Kill Hannah/My Passion, Give It A Name Introduces (feat. The Swellers, Anarbor, The Dangerous Summer, Rio & The Wild), The Rocket Summer & more
Tons of album, single and EP reviews including Die So Fluid, Envy Of The State, The Fire, The New Loud, Beatsteaks, Bon Jovi, The Culprit, The Gap Year Riot!, Boys Like Girls, Slash, Out Of Sight, The Humour, Lorenza Ponce, Way Pristine & more.
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'Me, Me, Me & My Rock CV' - If you have a job in the music industry you get to tell us what you do and why you do it. This issue features Richard Price, one man road crew.
All the usuals such as Fanzine Reviews, Book Reviews, Supersonic Future Superstars (featuring Alamance, Mimi Soya and I Am Forever).









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