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Black Velvet caught up with Keri Kelli while he was over on tour in the UK with Love/Hate in April 2013 for not one but two interviews. An in-depth 3 1/2 page interview with Keri will be printed in issue 77 of Black Velvet (out at the end of July 2013), while here Keri gets our 'Tourtured Souls' quizzing - this is the section where we ask musicians a bunch of questions all related to life on the road. Excuse any background noise in the video - the band were getting warmed up to take to the stage for the final time on their UK tour, in Rugby's Vault club.

Keri Kelli has been in the music industry for well over two decades. He initially sought his rock n' roll dream in the band Empire, while we witnessed him live for the first time in the early 90s (shortly before Black Velvet actually began) with sparkly power pop rockers Big Bang Babies. As soon as we saw Keri play we knew he was a star! His real musical break came, however, when he joined Ratt. He has also played guitar in Warrant, Slash's Snakepit, Skid Row, Pretty Boy Floyd and more recently, in Alice Cooper's band and also John Waite's band. Visit his website at www.kerikelli.com.

Keri also owns a bar - www.acesandales.com. When he's not playing guitar you may find him drinking beer, selling beer or hoping fans will bring him more beer on tour!

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If you're a big Keri fan, check out some of Black Velvet's back issues - issues 62, 27 and 26 also include interviews with Keri. We also put Keri on the cover of issue 4, back in the day - although that issue is sold out. You can also read an interview from the sold out issue 23, Feb 2000, HERE.



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