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    Addicted To Punk (Online Punk Site)

    Alkemist Fanatix Europe (Artist Management & Promotion)

    Alienskin Clothing (Gothic Clothing, Sizes 6-26)

    Amped (Website with music reviews, interviews etc)

    AntiProduct (London Based band)

    Army Of Freshmen (CA Band Official Site)

    Atomic Books (Baltimore Zinestore Stocking Black Velvet)


    Backstage With Jon Bon Jovi (Official Bon Jovi Fan Club)

    The Backstreet Girls (Norwegian Boogie Band)

    Balcony Shirts (UK Retro Clothing Shop)

    Beserk Clothing (Cute Dark Evil Clothing Designs)

    Birmingham Live! (Brum Based Gig Reviews & Photos)

    Bitches Sin (NWOBHM Band)

    Bliss Aquamarine (UK Web/fanzine)

    Blue Banana (UK Rock Store)

    The Bon Jovi Family Homepage (Bon Jovi Fan Site)

    Bon Jovi Anthology (The BJ Story By Joe Dunn)

    Bon Jovi Rock (Donna's Bon Jovi Site)

    Bon Jovi Rocks (Cavi's Fan Site)

    Boxcar Books (Bloomington, IN Bookstore Stocking Black Velvet)


    Canadian Recording Services (Studio Referral and Project Coordination Service)

    Cruelty Free (New York Rock Band)

    The Chain (Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band)


    Delirium On Helium (Manics/Music Site)

    Delson Drive (Montreal Rock Band)

    Devolution Magazine (UK Rock Zine)

    Dirty Rock (Dirty, sleazy rock 'n' roll)

    Do The Dog (UK Ska Zine/Label)

    Dragon Ninja (Lostprophets fansite)

    Druzgotor (Polish death thrash grind h-c and punk metal Band)


    EGL Magazine (Online Gothic Magazine)

    EmeraldAngel (Unique Gothic, Rockabilly Clothing & Accessories)

    The Erotics (Glam Punk Band)

    Estrella Online (UK Online Webzine)

    Ethical WARES (UK Online Store)

    Eurobands (European Based Rock Webzine)

    Evick (VA Rock Band)


    Fading Ways (UK Online Store Stocking Black Velvet)

    Fantastic Plastic (UK Record Label)

    Faster Pussycat (Official Site)

    Fearless Records (US Record Label)

    Feather (Japanese Rock Band - Official Site)

    Fibbers (York Cafe Bar & Music Venue)

    Fight Team (The Fight UK Street Team)

    Filth Unlimited (Children's Punk Clothing Line. Cool Clothes For Your Little Punk)

    Four Dogs Music (UK Online Music Store Stocking Black Velvet)

    FFRUK.Com (Punk Label)


    The*Ga*Ga*s (Official Band Site)

    GirlPunk (Music Site)

    Goatfucker (UK Underground Zine)

    Great Music Sites (Links Site)

    Green Valley Trading Co. (Vegan vitamins, supplements and natural health products)

    Grunnen Rocks (Music Site)

    Guitar By JR (JR Goldman Guitar Site)

    Gutter Queens (Swiss Glam Band)


    Hadlock (US Rock Band)

    Heat From A DeadStar (Official Band Site)

    Heretika Clothing (Original Alternative Fashion)

    Highroad No. 28 (Australian Heavy Rock Band)

    High Voltage (Norwegian Rock Radio Station)

    Hog's Head Music (Edinburgh Record Store Stocking Black Velvet)

    Household Name Records (UK Independent Record Label)

    Hubi Meisel (Prog Rock Vocalist)


    ichannelmusic.com (Independent Music Station)

    IManifest (Music Talent Resources)

    Inanna Naked (Musical Company & Portal)

    InAtTheDeepEnd Records (UK Record Label)

    Indigo Flow (E-Zine)

    Indigo Down (London Based Hard Rock Band)

    Inklings TV (Online Music Site)

    Iron Feather (Denver CO Book & Zinestore Stocking Black Velvet)









    The Jet City Fix (US Rock Band)

    JS Rock Penpals (Rock Penpals)

    Jumbo Records (Leeds Record Shop Stocking Black Velvet)


    Katy's Number One Son Site (Fan site)

    KeriKelli.Com (Official Keri Kelli Website)

    Kristen's Funhouse (Personal/Music Site)


    LA Guns (Official Web Site)

    Leeds Music Scene (local music site)

    Libertine (New York Glam Punk Rock)

    LPM Voice (Digital Rock Magazine)

    Loomp (Danish Band Site)

    Lucky Lew (Norwegian Rock Band)

    Lyrics (Song Lyrics)


    Madina Lake Holland (Madina Lake Fansite)

    Maniacal Plan (NYC Rock Band)

    The Marble Heart (UK raw rock)

    Megaphone (Finnish/Islandic Glam Band)

    Mel Stone (Photo Site)

    Metal Inside (German Metal Zine)

    Midtown (Manuel's Fan Site)

    Mookow-Army (Gothic Handmade Jewellery)

    Mystic Rock Boutique (Rock Tees, Patches & Stickers)


    N/A Designs (UK Cruelty-Free Rock Clothing/Assessories Store)

    Neon's Metal Madness (Metal/Rock Site)

    Noisy Zine (Essex Music Scene Zine)


    Own Little World (Official Band Website)


    Paradiddles, Plectrums & Posers (Music showcase of up and coming UK & USA guitar bands & associated businesses)

    Phluid (Glam Punk Rock Band)

    Pitfire (Hardcore Webzine)

    Pleased To Meet You (Stone Temple Pilots Fan Site)

    PunkBands.com (Punk Music Site)

    Punk Information (Punk Directory)

    Punk Rock Shop (Online Store Stocking Black Velvet)

    The Punk Site (Informative Punk Site)

    Punkster (Italian Punk Zine)

    Pyretta's Lair Gothic Clothing (UK Gothic/Rock Clothing & Accessories Store)


    Quimbys (Chicago Bookstore Stocking Black Velvet)


    Radio Free Tunes (Your New Music Gateway)

    Raised By Animals (Yorkshire Rock Melodica Band)

    The Rally Shack (Alternative/Gothic Clothing)

    Rock And Roll Collectibles (Rare Merch)

    The Rock Explosion (Webzine/Music Site)

    Rock City News (LA's Coolest Rock Mag)

    Rock Out Censorship (Rock Organisation)

    RockReview.tk (UK Rock Webzine)


    Search & Destroy! (Punk Rn'R Search Engine)

    Shinjuku Cactus (Japan R&R-Punk Band)

    Simrin Phull (Official Site)

    Skeleton Crew Online (Music, Clothing, Music & Art)

    Slam! (Italian Rock Zine)

    Smell Your Mom (Buy Your Contraband Here)

    Solarise Records (Online Independent Record Label)

    Sonic Cyclone (US Pop/Rock Band)

    Sound Nation (Welsh Music Zine)

    Southscene (The South's Local Music Webzine)

    Spit Like This (World's Hottest Rock N' Roll Band - Apparently!)

    Stompinground (Band Site)


    Theeshop (Melbourne, FL Music Store Stocking Black Velvet)

    Theprp.com (Music Site)

    Tico-Torres.com (Tico Torres Fan Site)

    Trendfabrik.com (New & Used CDs Online Store - AOR, MR, HR, MM, West Coast, Rarities)

    True Punk (Punk Site)

    Truth Explosion (Canadian Magazine)


    Vegan Health And Beauty (Health and beauty products suitable for vegans)

    Viva Hate (Online Punk/Metal/Rock Store with Derby based retail store that stocks Black Velvet)


    Waterfront Records (Sydney, Aus. Record Store Stocking Black Velvet)

    The Wildhearts (Official Band Site)

    World Of Rock 2002 (Lou & Nik's Rock Site)


    Yeah CDs (CD/DVD Manufacturing/Apparel Printing/Promo Cards)


    Zen Motel (UK Rock Band)


    8Ball.co.uk (T-Shirts, From Rock N' Roll To Punk N' Soul)






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