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Lit are a band that have had immense success but also tough times. They've reached the highs but they've also faced the lows. They're men that have achieved big things both within their own band and outside of their own band. But it all took a while. It took battles, it took struggle, it took failure. The best thing is, over 25 years later Lit are still doing what they love to do, and sounding as awesome as ever.

Lit toured in the UK as part of their 'A Place In The Sun' 15 year anniversary celebrations. Black Velvet caught up with them in Birmingham for an interview - although please excuse the background noise, one of the support bands were on stage at the same time. Venues, please soundproof walls and doors if you can! Ha. Thank God for microphones.





You can read this interview in article form in the printed issue 81 of Black Velvet (which can be purchased HERE), while a follow up interview with Jeremy Popoff was in issue 83, which featured Lit on the cover. Read issue 83 HERE.


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