Shari Black Velvet is the editor/publisher of a glossy, quarterly independent rock music magazine based in the UK called Black Velvet. For more information on Black Velvet, visit the Black Velvet Magazine website at

Shari has been editing Black Velvet for the past 19 years. She also designed and maintains the Black Velvet website and does many of the interviews, reviews and photography in the zine.

More recently, Shari has additionally started - a cruelty free website which aims to promote a variety of talented vegans and vegetarians as well as recommend cruelty free products etc.

Photos By Shari Black Velvet have been used on the poster accompanying Funeral For A Friend's 'Monsters' single (CD2) and Funeral For A Friend's 'Spilling Blood In 8mm' DVD.

A photo of Nicky Wire (Manic Street Preachers) on stage at Los Angeles Troubadour by Shari Black Velvet was used in Melody Maker (RIP) with a report of the Manics Californian shows in 1998 by Shari also in the mag. Melody Maker later commisioned Shari to do a piece on 'Unconvention', an art exhibition by Jeremy Deller.

Following attaining a Bookhouse proofreading diploma, Shari has now started Black Velvet Proofreading Services. If you are in need of a proofreader, get in touch.

Shari is vegan straight edge and supports all animal welfare organisations.

Shari is available for freelance writing work and specialises in rock music and veganism/animal rights - reviewing, interviewing and other article-writing. Shari is hard-working and always puts 110% into her writing work. Shari's interviews are in-depth, she asks her interviewees interesting and intelligent questions, the product of in-depth research. A couple of quotes from musicians interviewed by Shari have been as follows:

'By far the best interview I've ever done! Great questions x' - Stevie Stoker, Twister (after our interview for Black Velvet 81).

"That's probably the most honest interview I've done in my life... Thanks for the questions, I appreciate it," - Stephen Christian, Anberlin (at the end of the interview for Black Velvet 76)

"You're an awesome interviewer." - Lexxi Foxxx, Steel Panther (during the interview that appeared in Black Velvet 62)

'"Thank you so, so, so, so, much. You are a very good interviewer. Thank you for doing your research." - Lexxi Foxxx, Steel Panther (at the end of the interview).

"The pictures are great! The mag looks sooo good! I wish I would have done the interview!!! The questions are amazing!! THANK YOU!" - John Feldmann, Goldfinger (after Goldfinger were on the cover of Black Velvet 58, with an interview with bandmembers Darrin and Kelly inside).

"What a good interview. I like these questions. This is cool. I've never done anything like this, I like this." - Martin Johnson, Boys Like Girls (during the interview that appeared in Black Velvet 59).
"Thank you so much. That was awesome" - Martin Johnson, Boys Like Girls (at the end of the interview).

"We LOVED it! Thank you so much. You truly understand who we are and we're very grateful xoxo" - Matthew Leone, Madina Lake (after Madina Lake were interviewed and on the cover of Black Velvet 55).

"I always love your interviews, great questions." - Matthew Leone, at the end of the interview for Black Velvet 61



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