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Above: Black Velvet on sale in Birmingham Newspoint


Above: Black Velvet on sale in Redditch Train Station Newsagents


Above: Black Velvet on the shelves of Quimbys Bookstore in Chicago.







The following shops stock Black Velvet:

Birmingham Newspoint newsagents (in the Bullring)

Cardiff Spillers (www.spillersrecords.co.uk)

Dudley ST Records

Leeds Jumbo Records (www.jumborecords.co.uk)

Redditch Train Station Newsagents

Southampton October Books (www.octoberbooks.org)

Chicago Quimbys Bookstore (www.quimbys.com)

Baltimore Atomic Books (www.atomicbooks.com)


You can purchase Black Velvet online and have it mailed directly to your door at :

www.punkrockshop.co.uk (UK)

www.jumborecords.co.uk (UK)

www.atomicbooks.com (US, Baltimore, MD)

www.quimbys.com (US, Chicago, IL)


Or you can order it directly from BlackVelvetMagazine.Com. We ship anywhere.




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