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Towards the end of 2011, Steel Panther released the follow up to their successful 'Feel The Steel' album. Entitled 'Balls Out', it followed on from 'Feel The Steel' with more madness from the band, hilariously rude lyrics on subjects such as sex, genitalia and drugs. Supporting Motley Crue and Def Leppard, who they'd sung about in 'Death To All But Metal' brought them a larger fan base and earlier this year they headed back to the UK for a sold-out headline tour. Black Velvet caught up with them in Birmingham and sat down with Satchel and Lexxi - although we discovered that this interview was almost like watching a comedy skit. We'd ask them a question and they'd then banter between themselves for five minutes. Using their lyrics to inspire our questions, they discuss CHiPS vs Starsky and Hutch, driving in England, crazy girls and how their songs are a life raft that will never sink.






This interview can be read in full in issue 73 of Black Velvet, which featured Steel Panther on the front cover. You can purchase this issue HERE.


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