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By Shari Black Velvet

It's October 2004 in the UK and we're preparing ourselves for something very special. A buzz has started about a new band - a band you need to check out - a band you need to discover. When you hear their music, you'll know why.

The band in question (at the time of writing) haven't actually reached the country yet. Their music, so far, is doing all the talking. Already their single has made it to 'Single Of The Week' on Radio 1, their video has been gracing UK music television stations, and Kerrang! rock mag have given the band a full page in their Introducing/Breaker section.

The band in question is Steriogram…




Black Velvet first heard about Steriogram when Applejacks, a moderator of the Steriogram message board (AKA Jackie) wrote and recommended them to us. Because Applejacks has awesome taste in music (we actually crossed paths at Concert For Compassion in Irvine, CA in March 2004, the animal rights concert which featured bands such as The Used, Goldfinger, Story Of The Year, My Chemical Romance and Letter Kills), we took the time to visit the band's official website - www.steriogram.com - checked out some audio and video - and yep, they rocked.

Ace new band alert.

So now, six months later, they're heading over to the UK. 'Walkie Talkie Man', the awesome afore-mentioned single hits stores on November 8th with the full length album, 'Schmack!' following a week later on November 15th.

It seems to have been a whirlwind dream so far for the five guys (Tyson Kennedy on vox, Brad Carter on vox/guitar, Tim Youngson on guitar, Jake Adams on bass and Jared Wrennall on drums) from New Zealand who have now set up home in California. "I'm sitting with some of the band in my hotel room on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood CA, it's about 1.50am and we are all watching ourselves being the house band on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly that we shot in New York last week," says Brad. "This episode is extra cool cause Duran Duran was the guest band that night..."

Steriogram earned their spot on the highly acclaimed TV show thanks to touring, touring and more touring. Oh and fab songs of course. "Before New York we just finished a tour of Australia and New Zealand with Yellowcard which went wicked," Brad recounts. "Now we are just preparing to come and play some shows in the UK for our first time ever so the band is really excited for that."

"Steriogram started in New Zealand in 1999," he tells us. "The band dropped their day jobs and went full time in 2002 then after playing lunchtime shows at almost every high school in the country and sleeping on many floors nationwide. Steriogram got signed to Capitol Records in the US via an A&R scout spotting a video of ours on a website called NZmusic.com and loving what he heard."
"So we have spent the last two years living in the US. Our label let us tour for a year before releasing our CD here in May. Things are off to a good start here, back in August we went to the MTV VMA's in Miami 'cause the video for our song 'Walkie Talkie Man' received four nominations."

More recently Apple used 'Walkie Talkie Man' in their new iPod commercial. Brad says this helped get their music noticed all over the world, "but for us more importantly it means we can finally come to the UK." As a Liverpool football supporter he adds, "I really wanna get to see a major league football match... I hope we have time!"

"See you all very soon," says Brad to all the UKers reading. If you're in the UK, make sure he does indeed. Keep your ear to the ground for any Steriogram shows and appearances and for more info on the band, visit www.steriogram.com. Make sure you check out issue 43 of Black Velvet too, out in Feb 2005 - we have a bigger Steriogram feature in there!



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