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Thundering Along Again

(An Interview With Drummer Harry - Taken From Black Velvet 11 - Feb 97)

By Shari Black Velvet

Last year, just when you thought Thunder were about to break back into the big time, Ben Matthews caught a severe bout of tendonitis, meaning the band had to cancel their end of Autumn tour and the release of the album was consequently put back. Now all is well, and the boys are ready to burst back in a blaze of glory. Time for Black Velvet to find out more. Drummer Harry kindly answered my questions…






Above: Thunder - Harry far left


Harry starts off by telling us what exactly the band have been up to recently: “Promotion for the new album; shaving my head; songwriting for the new album; plenty of barbecues. Can’t wait to start touring now.” He then adds “I have just composed an Oasis/Thunder song which I’m quite excited about! - No title as yet!”

Hmm, sounds intriguing. I think to myself. Anyway, the new album, in case you’ve been in hibernation all winter and don’t know, is called ‘The Thrill Of It All’. According to Harry “‘The Thrill Of It All’ is released in February, with a single in January. My opinion is that it’s the best we’ve ever done!”

So how would he describe the album? Will it have the usual Thunder trademarks on, and does he think the loyal Thunder fans will love it?

Harry answers “Great songs with the Thunder stamps on them - I hope and know that our loyal fans will love it! If they don’t, I’ll eat Luke’s shoes - yuk!”

Talking of shoes! Fads or fashions - does Harry worry about them? How does Harry think the album will go down with the media? Where does Thunder fit in today, particularly with regards to Britpop and Britrock? He says “You can never tell what the media will think. All the signs so far are that they’ll like it! The new fad is guitar based bands (thanks to Oasis). That’s great news for us.”

Yeah, and this one cool guitar based band called Thunder will shortly be heading your way. The band are ready and raring to go. Thunder are touring nationwide in February. Harry sounds pretty excited. “Yes - Can’t wait!! February 5th - 24th. Mayhem in the UK!!”

It should be a great headline tour for the band. I’m off to see them myself at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton. I’m looking forward to it as the last time I caught the band was as support to Bon Jovi in 1995, where they were one of the better support bands. It’s a shame Van Halen didn’t get a shorter set and Thunder a longer one. Anyway, while on the subject of big stadium shows and supporting bigger name bands, I inquire as to whether they plan to support any major acts like Bon Jovi again.

“We may do some festivals in the Summer. Watch this space!” Harry warns us. Does that mean Donington?? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Changing the topic I ask how the fan club, Thunder Channel, is going? There seemed to be a slight problem with it for a short while until Andrea/Matron took over and got the thing running smoothly again. I know the band are very in touch with it. It’s very personalised and the highlight for any Thunder fan would be how via the fan club you can meet the band backstage after gigs.

Harry confirms “Thunder Channel is doing just fine. Matron keeps us under control! Hmmm! Nice! Oooh er missus!” He’s very saucy, that Harry! You can imagine him in one of those Carry On films, can’t you!? He does get serious once in a while, and more soberly continues “Our fans are appreciated. If they don’t buy our albums and come to our shows there would be no band! Simple as that! We have a great time meeting them after shows.”

I bet you do, Harry! Have you ever met any weird or crazy fans? Ever had any strange requests from them? “Oooh yes! Nice! Most of them are weird and crazy! Many requests - we’ve signed a few chests, bottoms, knickers, heads and other things!!!”

Fame eh! Must be cool to be famous. Personally I’d love to be famous. Sadly I can’t sing, dance, act or anything else that would merit any fame so I doubt you’ll ever be hearing my name on the t.v. or radio or seeing me in the papers. I wish! For Harry though, he’s halfway there with Thunder. But would he ever like to be so famous he couldn’t walk the streets like someone like Michael Jackson? Does he ever think about fame, and ultimately, how much fame and success would he like?

He replies “I think I’d get fed up with that pretty quickly - but I’d like Michael Jackson’s money! I would have to dress up in disguise every day - mmm, that would be fun actually! Ultimately, I would cope with any fame and success bestowed upon me!”

So what are the best things about being in Thunder - besides the fame and success that they’ve worked hard to achieve? “The music of course,” Harry answers matter-of-factly, “and the camaraderie! Every night seems to be party night!”

Finally I ask how the mad drummer sees his own future? Does he have any unfulfilled dreams that he hopes to make reality? “My future - Multi-million selling albums with Thunder. I have a dream! I would like to experiment and record a solo album! Maybe one day!”

Yeah, maybe one day, eh Harry? Remember, if you dream hard enough, your dreams will always become reality!




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